All About the
Swift® Hanger

Return Latch


Best Practices when using the Swift® Hanger

All Swift® Hangers are made from high quality materials, and will last for many years when used in a reasonable manner.  Please keep the following best practices in mind when using your Swift® Hangers:

– Be aware of the proper finger locations to avoid pinch points.  If using the Swift® Hanger should ever cause discomfort, simply release it and review our Using the Swift® Hanger page for directions for use.

– Although we illustrate the Swift® Hanger with the Resilient Return Latch™ supporting 8 lbs of weight, it is recommended that clothing hung on Swift® Hangers should weigh no more than 5 lbs.  Typically, shirts, blouses, and dresses weigh no more than 2 or 3 lbs, so the Swift® Hanger is strong enough for normal use.  We recommend that Swift® Hangers should not be used for supporting wedding dresses, leather coats, or other potentially heavy garments.

– Avoid forcing the Swift® Hanger to fold many times over by pushing down on the hanger arms, rather than squeezing the latch as intended.  If the Resilient Return Latch™ should be overloaded an excessive number of times, it can lose it’s ability to support the intended amount of weight.

– Never submerge Swift® Hangers in water as components within the hangers are made of steel and can possibly fail if they should excessively corrode.